Saturday, 14 June 2008

Sock News!!

Luckily for me I do not have to do all the homework set for those busy students in The Swap - in between shifts in the infirmary, knitting, and looking after my little wizards I do occasionally find time to have a go at the set tasks. However, a rather exciting development means that I will have to minimise such pleasure for a few weeks, for I have to knit yet another pair of knee-high socks and write out the pattern, this time for publication in a book of sock patterns by Lark Books!

They approached me some time ago, claiming they were looking for new designs from 'talented' witches. They are planning a book with a 'suggestive' theme (though tastefully so I am assured!) and I've designed some socks for it that I've called 'Pink Passion', although they may change the name. They have 'selected' the design, and now I have to knit them and send them to the publisher with the pattern by 14th July!! Aaargh!!! I wish I could report that this is going to make me rich, however the 'designer fee' is so paltry that I'm ending up working for less than a knut an hour on this project. Oh for Lizzie's job at Gringotts!! (Although I'd be hopeless at it I'm sure!)

Other sock news is that I've finally finished knitting the Gryffindor sock design, and have published the pattern in that wonderful forum for knitting witches, 'Ravelry'. I'm sure you all want pictures?

Meantime I am making progress on my spoilee's kit (she is Lily Clearwater of Hufflepuff - just arrived at Hogwarts from China where she's been having a tough time, poor dear). I won't say too much about the kit because Lily is very good at guessing apparently, and I want the contents to be a surprise. Of course, I can make vague references to let you know that I have now completed the 'handmade item', and have the 'knitting accessory' and 'needles', and 'pattern' all handled too.

And now I need to get ready to fly to Hebden Bridge where quite a group of knitting witches and wizards are meeting today to knit in public (although we may have to do a little disillusionment to make ourselves appear normal to the local muggle population). Guess what I'll be knitting?!!


Lizzie Wychwood said...

Awesome socks, and all mine! You are an angel.

Lavender A said...

Congratulations on the Gryff socks, they are too cool! And congrats on getting the go ahead from Lark, I can't wait to see your pattern in a real book!!!!

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

Wait a cotton picking minute...not only does she get the bag, but she gets the socks too!!!! do you think its too late for your parents to adopt an american from the colonies???? I want some wigworthy swag ::looks down lovingly at dobby socks::

Emma Wigworthy said...

LOL Cass!! And those Dobby socks are officially my most embarassing project this year!!

Lavender A said...

Lol, I wish I had such embarrassing F.O.s!

knitting by kaae eller bare Charlotte said...

You are so lucky, and deserve it... Patterns in a book... Congartulations.

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