Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sock kit swap

Yes- it's starting again! I'm looking forward to receiving lots of green goodies. I've asked for a kit to make a felted item this time. Late last summer I purchased a magical felting aid from Dervish and Banges during a day out in Hogsmeade and now crave opportunities to use it. It's a fantastic piece of magical engineering - takes any piece of knitting and turns it into heavy felt with no effort whatsoever. Before I got it my felting spells worked very haphazardly so I'm delighted with the reliability of the 'Ecoballs'.

Recently I started knitting a Shetland shawl using some laceweight wool I span a year or so ago. So far I've nearly finished the edging for one side. It's slow work! I'm also working on some special socks to show my House Pride. I showed them to Irma when I was working a shift with her at Hogwarts last week, and she was most complimentary. What do you all think?

Christmas knitting 013