Sunday, 23 August 2009

My kit for Madam Ferula Finnigan

Ferula has been having problems getting photos of my kit posted, so as today marks the photo deadline for the 'best kit' competition I'm posting the ones I took here. I don't know how much chance I stand though - I've seen many awesome kits this swap, and believe that even though the budget has been tighter the general standard of all the kits has even improved on previous terms (great though they were). And, of course, I think the kit I got from Celestina is the clear winner!!

Anyway, I sent Ferula this Defence Against the Dark Arts Kit:

The main handmade items were the bag, which features a silver cat on the back (her patronus - not shown)

A 'bump trump' - a yarn caddy (from her wish list)

Another of my felted knitting wand holders (on the right in the first picture -I will eventually, one day, publish the pattern for this!)

And these defensive spell bookmarks:

She asked for some 'local indie dyed yarn'. Can't get more 'local' than some dyed by yours truly! It is an aran weight alpaca and silk yarn that I dyed in a teal colourway. With the DADA theme in mind I packaged it up as an item fom Borgin and Burke's, claiming it was originally spun and dyed by Rowena Ravenclaw! (I am such a fraudulent witch - perhaps Mr. Borgin might consider giving me a job?). There is 100g here - enough to knit the Darkside Cowl, the pattern I included in the kit. I bought the circular needle specified in the pattern and packaged it up as an Ollivander's wand

Other goodies I put in included some liquorice wands (a traditional UK sweet) that I packaged as a Honeyduke's item:

And this notebook that I made. The internal pages are blank parchment.

Other titbits included some dark mark temporary tattoos (I thought she might like these as I've noticed she has an interesting fixation with skulls!), and a needle gauge (labelled as a 'wand weigher').

And that's it!!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Package from Celestina

Just back from the annual witches convention at Pendle. A wonderful camping event full of fun days out among unsuspecting muggles.

As we were leaving for this event an owl arrived hauling a huge package from Celestina Pettigrew, my spoiler in the Summer Camp Swap. I barely had time to peek at the contents before we flew off to Pendle, but I made sure the bag the package contained was firmly wrapped around my broom to go with me.

There was no time for pictures then, so here they are now. I'm sure you'll all agree Celestina put together an amazing package for me. What you may not realise is just how perfectly themed it is for my tastes. It really is spooky how she seemed to know what I would like. I suspect either she is a talented legilimens, or else my sister Lizzie has been heavily involved in advising her about me! The main theme is my favourite colour (green) which Celestina has very cleverly worked into a Herbology kit.

So, here are the pics:

The whole thing, apart from the book (a wonderful book of floral knits) which I've just realised I didn't take photographs of because Lizzie had been ogling it so it wasn't with the kit when I did the shoot):

A very clever little frog notions case containing a very cute owl tape measure (handmade cover in felt), magnetic buttons ('Sock Diva', and 'Sheep are for felting'), wonderfully elegant stork needlework scissors, knitters balm stick (Love it! I asked for a knitter's hand cream - thank you Celestina!), a green metallic crochet hook, a sweet little flowered tin with transparent lid which contained some wonderful beaded stitchmarkers (green beads!), one of which sported a little ram charm (my patronus). The bag of bags! I wish I could get the colour to show better in the photo - it is not at all the greyish hue that appears here, but a lovely mix of greens red and yellows.. It is beautifully handmade with embroidery touches on the edges and a very pretty lining.

Pure wool (my favourite fibre) fingering weight yarn, a pattern for a 'Dragon Scarf and Hat', and some wooden needlesto knit it, with brightly painted and crackled green ends (love them!!).
Lots of Harry Potter sweets (YES!! - These are almost impossible to get in the UK) and some green M&Ms.
Some other great Potter goodies - a time turner with stickers, Half Blood Prince trading cards, and a figure of a purple witch carrying an owl. She now sits on the windowsill next to my knitting chair which really needed some ornaments.

Some patttern notecards for crocheted and knitted hats (adorable!)

And this, which might be my favourite item, I so love it and can't wait to use it! A monogram stamp with my muggle initial and wax for sealing letters:

Celestina, from the bottom of my heart, Thank you for this wonderful package!!

Monday, 3 August 2009


Yay - my kit is done and the wonderful Mr. Wigworthy has returned from the Owl Office where he has hired an owl to fly it over the water, all the way to America!! He got me a receipt, so I can prove postage if necessary.

And now we are off on our hols for the next two weeks. We will be camping with the boys in a lovely part of England called the Peak District. Thankfully Oliver has enchanted the tent to fit us all in comfortably, and even fitted it out with wardrobes and a kitchen for me! Due to a problem with my knee that St. Mungo's are taking an immense time to solve I won't be able to go walking and cycling with Oliver and the boys, so instead will be sitting knitting while listening to the Wyrd Sisters. Such a tragedy!! ;0)

See you all soon!