Monday, 3 August 2009


Yay - my kit is done and the wonderful Mr. Wigworthy has returned from the Owl Office where he has hired an owl to fly it over the water, all the way to America!! He got me a receipt, so I can prove postage if necessary.

And now we are off on our hols for the next two weeks. We will be camping with the boys in a lovely part of England called the Peak District. Thankfully Oliver has enchanted the tent to fit us all in comfortably, and even fitted it out with wardrobes and a kitchen for me! Due to a problem with my knee that St. Mungo's are taking an immense time to solve I won't be able to go walking and cycling with Oliver and the boys, so instead will be sitting knitting while listening to the Wyrd Sisters. Such a tragedy!! ;0)

See you all soon!