Saturday, 29 May 2010

I'm a Winner!

Yes - I won a prize in the Ravenclaw draw a couple of weeks ago. I am the most happy recipient of some beautiful hand-dyed yarn and stitchmarkers from the wonderful Olive Bumblebirch, who just happens to have been my spoilee in the last swap, and is my dear siter's spoilee in the current swap. I think that is why she included two sets of stitchmarkers with an instruction for me to give one set to Lizzie. It iwll be the blue set as that is Lizzie's favourite colour. I also love the cute little envelope Olive sent the stitchmarkers in. I'm a sucker for pretty little things!

Sadly I learned this week that my spoilee, Elladora Madley has withdrawn from the swap. I think that, like me, in the context of a busy life she has been finding it difficult to maintain the level of participation that is required. So, instead of creating a kit for Elladora I have now been delegated the joyous task of helping to create an angel kit for her spoilee, the illustrious Megaera Black. Luckily Meg is a Slytherin, the same house as the Draco around whom I was theming Elladora's kit, so many of the things I was going to put into Elladora's kit are in fact quite suitable for Megaera instead. So all's well that ends well....

Apart from the cashmere yarn that is, which I'll have to keep for myself. Shoot! ;0)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Which witch?

Who in the magical world do you think these would most suit?

They are my latest design and I am currently working up the pattern ready for test knitting with the intention of publishing the pattern within the next couple of weeks. I'm using my new publishing spell (PagePlus X4) to write up the pattern, and am really enjoying this advanced form of magic which is apparently comparable to Adobe InDesign.

As with most of my designs, these are very original. I've not seen a knitted lace overcuff in any other glove design, and I know the lace panel on the sleeve is original as I developed it myself from a lengthy trial and error swatch process! I even invented a new double increase technique for them (I know by saying so that I risk incurring the wrath of folk who think ther are truly no new techniques in knitting, just re-discovered ones; nevertheless I do think this invention is truly new).


In Swap news I am sad to report that my handmade item for Elladora's kit is unfinished. In fact I'm not very happy with it at all, and am considering sending it to the frog pond and starting afresh on something altogether better. Trouble is, I don't know what to do instead. I've found it very hard to think of a relevant handmade item to make for the kit this time. I know Elladora has high tastes, and worry that whatever I make will prove to be too tacky! ;0)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Late again!

A whole day late this time. Sigh. And Hermione has increased the pressure - no prize drawing for Ravenclaws unless everyone blogs. So I've just deprived my housemates of prizes. :0(

I am, however, making some progress with the kit for Ella. A few owls arrived this week with goodies for her, and I have scouted out a very special pattern to give to her. I will, of course, also give her all my patterns too.

My dear sister Lizzie is now in Florida, and sent me some wonderful pictures of the Wychwoods swimming with dolphins. Amazing!! I'm missing her though, not least because she is best at getting me organised.
She took yarn with her to knit up a shawl for me. It's a design I've created for some lovely red yarn I received from The Knitting Goddess, a British yarn witch. Here's a sneak peek of the swatching for it:

It seems I'm too busy designing these days to be able to give the time to The Swap that is needed for proper participation. Perhaps I should just not sign up next time (sob!)? While I would feel bereft, at least I wouldn't keep feeling guilty.