Friday, 20 August 2010

Kit from Ambyr!

Ambyr's owl arrived on Monday with this fantastic kit. Alas, I have been so busy working and minding Lizzie's children and my children since then that now is the first opportunity I have had to take pictures to show you. Ambyr is a very patient and kind witch, and I thank her for her forbearance waiting for this, especially as I hate waiting myself for folk to post about kits I have sent!

Of course, Ambyr did a stunning job with the kit, having clearly done her homework about my preferences. This led to the most amazing handsewn project bag, done in my most favourite colour with a snakelike pattern. It is lined with a lovely acorn patterned fabric. :0)

Pictured with the bag are the yarns (Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in green and pinks) and a tea-cosy pattern to go with them. The yarn colours are 'avocado', 'carnation', and 'hollyberry'. Although I do love the cosy I hope you don't mind Ambyr if I do something of my own designing with this beautiful yarn?

As you can already see, Ambyr made a nature kit for me. Hence these very lovely fish and butterfly-inspired stitchmarkers (I adore butterflies!) that Ambyr made especially for me. Note that the fish are in Hogwarts House colours!

Ambyr also included some M&Ms, which the boys promptly helped me to eat. There is nature inspired food too - some gourmet shell pasta (included because Ambyr is in Shell Cottage). Other nature treats include the 'Sea Garden' hand cream and a Bonsai kit (Mr. Wigworthy will love growing this while I am not to be allowed near it as I am bad news for plants!), as well as some very welcome soak sachets (I love this product - so kind to wool, and very easy to use).

Ambyr, this is a most delightful kit for which I wholeheartedly thank you! You are so, so kind! :0)