Sunday, 9 May 2010

Late again!

A whole day late this time. Sigh. And Hermione has increased the pressure - no prize drawing for Ravenclaws unless everyone blogs. So I've just deprived my housemates of prizes. :0(

I am, however, making some progress with the kit for Ella. A few owls arrived this week with goodies for her, and I have scouted out a very special pattern to give to her. I will, of course, also give her all my patterns too.

My dear sister Lizzie is now in Florida, and sent me some wonderful pictures of the Wychwoods swimming with dolphins. Amazing!! I'm missing her though, not least because she is best at getting me organised.
She took yarn with her to knit up a shawl for me. It's a design I've created for some lovely red yarn I received from The Knitting Goddess, a British yarn witch. Here's a sneak peek of the swatching for it:

It seems I'm too busy designing these days to be able to give the time to The Swap that is needed for proper participation. Perhaps I should just not sign up next time (sob!)? While I would feel bereft, at least I wouldn't keep feeling guilty.


Amethyst said...

Don't feel bad that you were a little late. We've all had our Muggle lives intrude into our schoolwork now and again. There's always another week for a prize drawing.

Anonymous said...
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Emma Gorodok said...

that's how I felt last term, overwhelmed with my personal life and not able to fully participate somehow. But I'm back and having fun again, just wait and see what will be going on in your life when the next swap starts. Things might be different then.

Emma Wigworthy said...
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Hermione Bagnold said...

It happens to the best of us! Shoot, I only barely got mine in for THIS week, and I'm the HoH! LOL Don't feel bad. :)