Friday, 30 April 2010

Post, post, post!!

My dearest sister, Lizzie Wychwood (easy to say 'dearest' as she's my only one actually!!) has prodded me to post as I forgot last week in the midst of all my busyness. I've been working on a number of different design projects you see, and wishing for a time-turner to fit it all in. Alas, without a time-turner I've just had to burn the midnight oil instead.

One of the projects was writing up the pattern for the Knit Camp Pullover. The organisers of UK Knit Camp (a week of knitting heaven at Stirling University this August) asked me to design the 'official' Knit Camp Jumper'. It being in Scotland I used fair isle style colourwork, charting thistles (national flower of Scotland), and adding flags of the patron saints of Scotland, England, and Wales, and sheep and yarn and needles:

Another of the projects was working on the design for a shawl to go in the book of designs I'm writing. Lizzie is going to knit the shawl for me during her trip to America. Yes, the Wychwoods are going to Florida for two whole weeks to celebrate Lizzie and Mr. Wychwoods' 25th wedding anniversary (yes, she was a child bride!!).

I have pictures of the swatch of the edging I've designed for the shawl. If you want to read about how I developed this stitch pattern then please visit my new muggle blog.

In The Swap I am happy to reprt that I have made good progress on Elladora's kit. I have ordered the yarn and pattern, decided what to do for the handmade item, and have recieved through the post a few of the goodies I plan to include in the kit. I've decided to go with Ella's first choice of Draco Malfoy for theming the kit, and it is proving to be lots of fun. I just have to work out how to include a sock!


Lizzie Wychwood said...

Glad to see that you listened to me! And I can't wait to start on the shawl - not least because I need to get that done before making further progress with Olive's kit!

Do you think it would be crazy to take 2 projects on holiday with me?!


Hermione Bagnold said...

What lovely lacework! (Though I must admit I'm partial to leaf patterns...I'm not sure why...) And that jumper is the coolest thing ever! You always come up with the most amazing designs!

Anonymous said...