Sunday, 11 April 2010

Woke up this morningrealising I hadn't blogged for HSKS! Remember something about the deadline being midnight Saturday PST (??) in which case I've just got time to do it (it's 11pm PST as I write, 7am BST), so here is this week's blog:

Alas, there is not time enough to do the spell homework we were set this weeek - a transfiguration project. I loved Hermione's work (swot!) on this, and Poppy also did a great job with it.

The problem is I've been working so hard. As well as my usual duties assisting Madam Pomfrey in the infirmary, I've been working my socks off to publish my new pattern, Lissuin. It's a fair isle jumper, and writing the pattern for it to be clear and straighforward to follow was an amazing challenge. I opened my mail this morning to find a huge compliment from someone who bought it which makes me think this effort will prove to have been worthwhile.

Anyway, this is the jumper. It is only 12 hours now since I published it, and already over 100 folk have added it to their favourites in Ravelry, not to mention the number who have queued it:


Sarah said...

Now THAT's some incredible wandwork!