Monday, 5 May 2008

New Term!

That sad time has come once more when we have to wave goodbye to Dennis at platform 9 3/4, although this term it seems possible that I will see a little more of him than previously when he has been at school. Why? Well, it seems that Madam Pomfrey could do with a little assistance during busy times in the hospital wing, and as I have a fair bit of nursing experience Professor Wartbobble has asked if I am willing to be on standby to offer such help. Of course, I didn't have to think twice before I said yes! What an opportunity - a chance to see a little more of dear Dennis, combined with time at my favourite magical institution (I am so fond of my school memories), and time with some very inspiring people. Poppy for one, I know, is a very warm and charming lady despite all that matronly bustle!

Meanwhile things have been getting very interesting on the home front since my big sister (well, she is a whole 5 minutes older than me, as she loves to remind me!), joined the sock kit swap. She decided that as she was joining a knitting group she had better do some knitting, and asked me to provide her with a pattern for her little wizard (same age as Tobit). Well, I've always knitted socks for my boys from a pattern in my head, so I had to do a fair bit of jiggery pokery with my quill to get it onto parchment for dear Lizzie. Then, would you believe, she went and knitted them in just a couple of days without magic!!!! And didn't she do well? -

We've included this picture with an accio version of the pattern in that marvellous forum for knitting witches, Ravelry, so that other magical knitters can knit socks for their little wizards too. If you want to get the pattern (gratis - it won't even cost you just one little knut!) let your pet mouse nibble these magical words and you'll see the Ravelry library shelf where it is directly.


Lavender Ackerly said...

Madame Pomfrey will be needing a lot of extra help this term - if those Slytherins keep up their taunting I expect lots of fistfights and magical dueling in the hallways! Good to know we'll have a competent Ravenclaw on hand to patch everyone up.

Shannon said...

Hi Emma. Where do you go on holiday? I used to spin alot on a drop spindle. Currently I am waiting on my wheel to get here. The muggles have lost one wheel and I am hoping it's replacement arrives tomorrow or it'll be AWOL as well. I would LOVE to have some UK resources. I am so new here that I don't know where any LYS are either. Unfortunatley though, I don't have cable yet.

Lizzie Wychwood said...

You are too good, I am totally made up that you think the socks were good enough to post a picture on your blog! And I must say that my saintly little wizard looks great in them!

Lizzie Wychwood said...

P.S. Pinching photo to put in my blog too!