Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wool and Wands

The Wigworthy clan leave for our summer holiday today - two weeks camping. It's a big family affair - Mum and Dad, my brother and his wife, and Lizzie and her crew too. Should be lots of fun!!

Before we go I must acknowledge my amazing spoiler and very good friend, Kaaelana, who has sent me yet another package. More sweets - all gone already (raspeberry hearts and some 'witch howl') and some beautiful yarn. One lot of the yarn is a special kind called 'Kauni' which is charmed to gradually move from one colur into another. The one I've got changes through various greens to pinks and purples. I can't wait to knit with it! I'm thinking of making a knitting wand holder with it as I recently designed one. Alas the picture here shows the yarn looking more yellow than it it generally is. That's the problem with magical stuff - it isn't very 'photogenic'!!

The other yarn is another lovely green yarn with shiny bits, ribbony bits, and pinky bits in it!! I think it will make a lovely scarf:

I've completed a Slytherin version of my wand holder design for my friend Freyalyn, and am currently making a Gryffindor one for Lizzie. I'm going to make a Ravenclaw version for my own straight wands, and I think one with the Kauni yarn to store my bendy wands in (muggles call their version of my bendy wands 'circulars'). Here's some pictures of the one I've finished:

There were a few other design projects I wanted to finish before our holiday, alas it was not to be! I'm making some Beauxbatons socks, a 'Fleur Tote' (named for Molly's charming daughter-in-law), and some Hogwarts socks that I haven't even started knitting yet. I have, however, finished and published the pattern for some socks I knitted with the yarn I got in the last sock kit swap. I called them 'Luna's Moonlight':

All my design projects have to be left on hold for a while now as I really must knit some baby clothes for Poppy - the expected niece whose birth is due end of August. And I have yarn to spin and 'Vesty Thing' to finish for the magical knitting Olympics, being run concurrently with the muggle sporting games. I'm participating in 'WIPs Wrestling and the 'Handspun Heptathlon'. Will I need a dose of Felix Felicis? We shall see....