Monday, 1 December 2008

Advent Cheer

With awesomely perfect timing Emma Gorodok's owl landed here today with another package from her. A wonderful selection of goodies with a strong Christmas theme, including an amazing Christmas stocking Advent Calendar. There was also a set of silvery Christmas serviettes, some Zitron sock yarn in Ravenclaw colours, a long Addi 2mm circular needle (great for magic loop), a German Christmas stollen (Mmmmm!!!), and a beautiful Christmas angel made by Emma's Mum in hardanger embroidery. Apparently her Mum makes tham to sell at a 'Weinachtsmarkt'. I'd love to visit one of those. I so love German Christmas traditions and products - truly magical.

The boys helped me put the stocking Advent Calendar up tonight, then we emptied the stocking labelled with a '1' for the first of December. I was just expecting sweets, so was amazed and quite overwhelmed when some lovely tree ornaments and a set of beautiful Ravenclaw stitchmarkers appeared. There was also a piece of chocolate covered marzipan - it was very yummy!!

Emma, from the bottom of my heart - Thank You!!


Pandora said...

The Advent Calender is fantastic! I must say I am envious! I have been looking for a nice one to make/purchase for 2 years.

Emma Gorodok said...

I'm really glad you like it... unfortunately nobody is making an advent calendar for me, so the only one here is for my son

Esme said...