Saturday, 14 March 2009


Now that I am writing a book of knitting patterns I decided I really need to 'up the anti' with regard to the organisation of my knitting bits and pieces. So today Mr. Wigworthy cleaned up some old shelves I painted up many years ago and hung them in the spare bedroom that has over the years come to be called 'Mum's Knitting Room' by all the family! It is where I do most of my knitting and reading and designing.

It is lovely to have the shelves back in use, they've been in the cellar since we moved here 7 years ago! Originally they were some Sunday school shelves that my older brother rescued and hung in his room at my parents house. Later his room was shared by me and Lizzie - I have photos of us in there with various of the little knick-knacks that were important to us displayed on the said shelves. They have moved around with me in the years since, and underwent a total overhaul, including a green paint and stencil job, a few years ago after they were damaged by damp in the cellar of my previous home.

So, today, with my knitting books and patterns now transferred to my knitting room, I have been perusing that literature to get some ideas and inspiration for my book. Believe it or not, one of the patterns is for a lace gown!! Hence, today I have knitted a few little lace samples on really tin, tiny needles, firstly 1mm!!! Latterly I played with knitting an edging on 1.5mm needles. At the moment I'm working in plain mercerised cotton because the yarns I have chosen and ordered to play with sample for the designs have not arrived yet.


Hermione Bagnold said...

Ooooooo!!! That sounds divine! I have a "craft room" myself, but it's nowhere near that fixed up and cozy. In fact, right now it's pretty much just a catch-all room...I'd love to see pictures of your knitting haven!