Saturday, 24 October 2009

Where in the World is Winnie?

Well, some folks have clearly been doing extensive research in an effort to deduce Winnie's whereabouts. I've seen posts about far-flung castles and maple syrup factories. By contrast I lack time for such levels of research so I'm keeping my guesses simple. I'd hazard a guess that Winnis has visited Australia or New Zealand and Canada!!!!! (Wheezing with laughter here!)

Dad has been in St. Mungo's this week, so me and Lizzie have been somewhat occupied, especially me as Mum came to stay while he was in the care of the Healers. They did a good job, and I'm relieved to say he is home again now, though feeling his age much more than previously.

Other news is that I have published a new pattern.Well, it's actually one I designed many months ago, and only got to publishing it now. It's a doubleknitted scarf pattern which I originally conceived as a gift for my newest niece, Poppy. Below you see it modelled by another of my nieces, my sister Lizzie's daughter. Isn't she gorgeous?