Thursday, 26 November 2009

St. Mungo's

That's right. In true sporting fashion I've been detained in St. Mungo's with a cartilege injury! The healers used a special magical item (called an 'endoscope') to have a good look inside my knee, and confirmed that the cartilege was torn. No wonder I've been struggling to walk much over the last few years. They 'trimmed' the tear whilst they were in there, and I should now find myself returning to full useage of the joint. I have exercises to do to get there, lots of them! As an international quidditch star I am. of course, unfazed by this! ;0)

Meantime I've been working away on the package for my spoilee in The Swap. I've now got the yarn for it, having finally got hold of the vendor via jellyphone. We arranged for me to pick it up from their stall at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate on Sunday, and all went well. I've very nearly finished the handmade portion of the package, and just have one other goody to source and then it'll all be sent off with my trusty owl, Verso.

I had great fun at the show helping out on the spinning guild stand and the handknitter's association stand. I taught a few folk to spin with a drop spindle, taught one lefthander to crochet, and one righthander to knit. It felt great!


Lucy said...

I hope your knee heals alright! Knee injuries are the worst! (I know from my own troubles...)