Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Very late photos of my wonderful package from Lily May Clearwater

I am so sorry Lily that it has taken me so long to get around to posting these photos. It is two and a half weeks since this package arrived. I know, I'm a very naughty witch for taking so long to do this, and I apologise profusely. :0(

Anyway, I really love the package, particularly the awesome fingerless mittens that Lily made for me inone of my most favourite shades of my most favourite colour. Thank you!

Sadly Lily's owl arrived in a very sorry state, having taken a lot longer to make the journey than owls usually do, and the package had come open mid-flight! Was he attacked by dark forces? We can't know!

There may be little items missing, yet there still was so much stuffed in this package that I think it might all have made it here. Alas, the day the package arrived the delicious variety of Green and Black chocolate bars within were quickly consumed by the younger Wigworthys!

So here is what was left:

Beautiful yarns, all wool in sock weight (Lily has clearly noted my preference for fine-guage knits). The first two pictures are of scrummy Chinese yarns, presumably brought back to Scotland by Lily when she last came to school here. The last picture is of yarn dyed by a very well-known British dyer, The Knitting Goddess - this is her 'semi-solid slate' - lovely! :0)

I'm going to use the small skeins in the first picture to edge something (ponders possibilities!) made with the main yarn which they complement beautifully:

Handmade by Lily; a lovely bag in Arrows blue which I'm going to line with the pretty fat quarter it sits on in this picture which Lily also included in the package:

Utterly awesomely beautiful and scrummily-coloured fingerless mittens, handmade by Lily:

Rosewood knitting needles and pretty stitchmarkers (made by Lily):

Rose oil (for my burner), knitting badges, and some wool wash (there were two - I've already used the other!). Despite the pronouncement on one of the badges, which I suppose is to ward off dark wizards when I knit in public, I swear I have never been in prison! ;0)

And finally a gardening journal. Lily has obviously noticed the pictures of my lovely Yorkshire garden that I have occasionally posted.

Thank you so much Lily for all these lovely things. You have again really touched ny heart with the extent of your generosity. :0)