Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Spoiled Witch!

Yes, my package from Celestina Pettigrew arrived this morning. I was sitting outside at the back of the cottage (wrapped in a blanket because despite the June sunshine it is definitely a cool day) when a heavily laden owl fluttered down and halted beside my chair.

I was so excited to see the package, realising instantly who it was from. Celestina spoiled me royally last summer, and she has done it again! :0)

Check out the Ravenclaw wrappings:


1) Green yarn (my favourite colour) a rubber stamp specially made for me with a heart flower and 'Ann Kingstone Designs' on it, a packet of treats, a beaded row counting gadget, and a Rita Skeeter kit.

Celestina very cleverly worked to meet my needs as a designe in this kit.

She used the rubber stamp to decorate the beaded counter:


This is a wonderful handmade notepad cover with pockets for colouring pencils (included) and containing a notepad of squared paper (Celestina has clearly realised that I do a lot of charting for my designs).

Check out the magical internal cover:

 A generous-sized Ravenclaw satchel bearing a beaitfully embroidered Ravenclaw crest.

Close-up of the crest for you - beautiful!

A very cute mini Ravenclaw sock (I love the patterning - well done Celestina!) on a mini-blocker and keyring fastened to a bag of goodies - various chocolates and a mini shell bottle (for perfume?):

And the Rita Skeeter kit - a newsboy hat, Rita-style glasses, Quick Quotes quill and notepad:

Celestina, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!!


Hermione Bagnold said...

What a great kit! I absolutely adore your final picture!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Clever, very clever! I really like the row counter and stamp made for you. How inventive! Perfect kit for you, Anne!

Gryphon the Great said...

Wow, Emma, you got REALLY spoiled. I love the Ravenclaw crest.

Emma Diggory said...

great kit!!!!