Saturday, 24 July 2010

World Record Holder?

On 23rd August I am part of a team of 8 spinners and knitters who are attempting to break the worls record for fastest time from sheep to sweater! We have the world's fastest knitter (yes, really!) on the team, and some renowned spinners, and, um, me! So we're going to do it, right? ;0)

Problem is, magical means are not permitted. We are not even allowed to wash and comb the fleece! So, I had a lesson earlier this week with a good friend of mine from Bradford Guild who is an expert in long-draw technique, the fastest way to spin by far. See, even though I first learned spinning nearly 25 years ago now, my usual worsted technique is known as 'inch-worm'! Anyway, Freyalyn got me going well, and by the end of the session I was spinning yards in seconds rather than minutes!
Freyalyn spinning (with a spindle) with another friend at Woolfest 2 years ago (Freyalyn is the witch facing us in this picture, if she hasn't wandered off that is...):

In Swap News I can reveal that I have now received three separate owl deliveries in the last week for Wisty's kit!


CelticMommy said...

Hey sweetie, week 4 information is up on The Hut blog.
:-) Missed you last week! Love, Siobhan