Monday, 22 September 2008

Daily Prophet Obituaries

Anna Meriweather 1973 -2008

It is with regret that we inform the magical world of the proposed untimely death (according to information received from Mrs. E. Wigworthy) of Miss Meriweather, the nationally known knitter.

Anna was a brave soul, a Gryffindor in her Hogwarts days. She is fondly remembered by her fellow-students as a mischief-maker. Mrs. Lizzie Wychwood told us with delight of one particular escapade when Anna tied an item of Professor McGonagall's underwear to the snout of one of the stone hogs that so famously flanks the gates of the school!

In adult life Anna remained a character of immense bonhomie. Yet she was also a very skilled witch, best known to the magical world for her work in the use of knitting spells for warmth and beauty. Alas, in the end her vast knowledge and skill in magical threadwork was not enough to serve her when she was suffocated by a cabled hat. The Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office is investigating.


Anonymous said...

Priceless!!! Love it! :) If/when I die in the duel, will you write my obit, too? :)

YogaKnot said...

I love it!!! That is hilarious! I think everyone should write obits for their dueling partners.

Anna Meriweather said...

.....*sticks tongue out at Emma*

*goes and sulks*

hehe, a worthy opponent, and I look forward to getting the hat.

Pren said...

hahahaha! i like that she was "smothered by a cabled hat" hahaha. i think yoga knot is right about writing obituaries for the loosers. it would be funny.

Lavender A said...

Too funny Emma. You'd better hope she doesn't beat you, or you'll have to print a retraction ;)