Monday, 22 September 2008

Me knitting (of course!!)

Ann knitting cropped

Mr. Wigworthy took this action shot of me knitting a few months ago when I was working on the Hufflepuff Pride Socks. Gosh, I've done a lot of knitting since then!

This week I've been learning a new technique - double-knitting. I'm making a scarf for little wizard number two. I'm particularly excited that I've managed to get the name to read properly on both sides:

Double-knitted scarf 020

Double-knitted scarf 023

Clever eh?

Then this weekend I raced to knit this hat for my duel partner in the contest that is running as part of The Swap. Verso has just left with it, and I'm very hopeful that he will deliver the grave goods to my partner before her owl arrives here!

Duel Hat


Emma Gorodok said...

it's nice to see a picture of you


I'm glad to meet you!!! Happy knitting :)