Saturday, 25 October 2008

Halloween's Coming!!

It's nearly here, and the little wizards are getting quite excited! Today they've been making little bats and pumpkins out of paper and bits. I've promised that next week I'll sit and do lots of Halloween crafting with them - make moving skeletons and flappy bats, as well as carving the lanterns.

We have three pumpkins to choose from, grown by Mr. Wigworthy of course. We brought them in last weekend, and they are sitting on the dresser looking yummy! The boys are going to plan the faces themselves on paper before we do the carving, and I'm planning to make pumpkin soup and some savoury pasties with the flesh.

The harvest from Mr. Wigworthy's plot is particularly varied and plentiful at the moment. I took this picture of the produce he picked a few days ago to show you all what goodness we are enjoying at Creaky Cottage - chard, courgettes, marrow, cabbage, tomatoes, and leeks:


Minerva Kwikspell said...

Boy does that look good! What a great plot that Mr. Wigworthy has... ;o)