Monday, 15 June 2009

Summer Camp!

Well, I've arrived. Got all my knitting gear, and lots of graph paper for designing some new knits. Yes my fellow witches and wizards- I am a design junkie!! Latest efforts include these gloves which were modelled at UK Ravelry Day just over a week ago now. My dear twin-sister (Lizzie Wychwood) knitted the silk ones featuring roses, while the red ones were knitted by a kind Ravelry volunteer. I've called the design 'Flower of the Nation Gloves' as they are themed for each nation in the Union (England, Scotland & Wales), each featuring the national flower - roses for England, daffodils for Wales, and thistles for Scotland (I can't show you the Scottish version as they wre sadly delayed by Royal Mail and didn't make it from the volunteer knitter to the fashion show.

English rose gloves

Cropped gloves

Meanwhile I'm still designing and knitting up preemie hats for SPEW. My latest is based on the wonderful aquatic plant, gillyweed. The roots of this have tiny water bubbles clinging to them, which is what I've worked to emulate in this design:

Gillyweed hat 3

Lastly, I've got to tell you all that I had the immense pleasure of meeting a wonderful American wizard called Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed, at Ravelry Day. The pink cheeks you see in the picture below tell the tale of how much firewhisky we had consumed by the time this photo was taken!!

Ann & Jared



Hermione Bagnold said...

As always, Emma, your designs leave me speechless! I can't out much past "Oh, wow!" and "How beautiful!" LOL It's a good thing you have the talent to BE a design junkie! :)

CelticMommy said...

Wow, I agree with Hermione, utterly gorgeos!

Now, I really need to get my own gloves finished to even pretend to compare! They're gorgeously crocheted with fingering weight yarn, so they are slow going.
:-) Nice to have you back for camp!

Fleur Sweeting said...

Those are really to pretty for words. :) I really love them.