Sunday, 19 April 2009

Package from Lily May Clearwater

Yesterday just as I was leaving the house to meet with some other witches for a day's spinning, a beautiful owl tapped at the front door. It was carrying a huge box from my spolier in The Swap - Lily May Clearwater. Alas - I had no time to even open it, and realised that just by taking the time to open the door to receive it I had already made myself late to my meeting. Poor owl - I sent it off home again without any refreshment in my haste to get to the chimney and our floo powder!

So, I carried the box to the guild meeting with me, and was helped to open it and examine the contents by a whole bunch of squealing witches!! They were most impressed!

What did it contain? Each item was ripped open (beautiful wrappings now totally unusable!) to reveal

Yarn!! A whole cone of pure new wool yarn for felting. Two balls of Rowan (believe it or not the first time Rowan has ever joined my stash - I always look for cheaper yarn - I feel so spoilt!!)

Stationary!! A lovely parchment letter from Lily (in a parchment envelope), a gorgeous flocked notebook with lined pages, a perfect spells and charms notebook (from my wishlist - I'm reserving this for jottings and sketches for my Potter designs), a DADA card, and some coloured pens (great for my design notes/sketches).

Knitting!! A beautiful bag made by Lily especially for me in my favourite colours, green and pink!

Luxuries!! A totally cute little Cath Kidston purse (from my wishlist) - this is going in my knitting bag to hold stitchmarkers. A pretty soapstone oil burner - this is going on the windowsill in my knitting room to waft the gorgeous smell of lavender over me as I knit! A decorated wooden comb and wooden mirror compact - both from China where Lily lived before she came to Hogwarts.

A hangy decoration!! I adore this!! It is hanging on my new Jordana Paigfe knitting bag which it matches perfectly. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

Food and drink!! All my favourite flavours! Sherbet lemons, mint humbugs, liquorice, apple and pomegranate tea, chinese tea pouches, Chewits (total nostagia kick - I used to buy these a lot from Honeydukes in my own Hogwarts days), jelly beans (every flavour except the nasties which have mercifully been omitted from this collection), and some chocolate mints ('After Eight' for when I have posh visitors!)

Patterns!! A whole book of designs for felted bags - I love them!

A Legilimency toy!! The boys are busy playing with the one I received! Therefore this is a picture I've borrowed from the Daily Prophet classified section. It's a golden snitch that works out what you are thinking with just 20 questions - amazing!!

Recipes!! Lily noticed I like to cook, so she wrote out a few of her favourite recipes for me to try - chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffles, and brownies.

Lily -thank you!! It is clear you put a lot of research and thought into this kit. It matches my tastes wonderfully!


SapphireGypsy said...

you're gonna share the recipes right???

That's a great kit. :D

Gryffinitter said...

That sounds Fabulous!

CelticMommy said...

What a beautiful kit! That bag is just gorgeous. :-) Enjoy your pretty pretty yarn.