Sunday, 5 April 2009

Saturday in Honolulu!!

As I have apparated to Honolulu, where it is currently 22.30 on Saturday 4th April, can this post count for the requirement of this week's blogging?!! I last blogged on Satrurday 28th March.

If that plea doesn't past muster, please fellow Slytherins forgive my sloppiness. I promise I am not a secret agent from Ravencalw come to sabotage House efforts to win the Cup!

Anyway - 'Aloha' my friends (= 'Hello' in Honolulu). And Hau`oli la hanau Lizzie ('Happy Birthday)!! In the UK it is already mine and Lizzie's birthday, so even though I am supposedly currently located in a different time zone (!!) I will tell a little bit about what I've done for Lizzie. Then I'll tell you what I got from the Wigworthys, as it is my birthday too!!

I have made Lizzie a felted knitting wand holder in Gryffindor colours. I can't show you the finished project as I've wrapped it and she won't get it until I see her at Nostell Priory later today tomorrow (we are visiting for a birthday treat with our families). I can, however, show you a picture of it at an intermediate stage of the felting. I felted it some more, and lined it after taking this photo.

I'm still working on the pattern for this, which I do intend to publish at some point. Problem is the stranded knitting is off-putting for many, so I need to do some more tests with duplicate stitch. I prefer the results from stranded knitting - the lettering ends up completely embedded, whereas with the versions I've done using deplicate stitch the lettering ends up looking thicker. However, I think the pattern might be more succeesful if I offer it as an easy knit, instead of a stranded and steeked knit. What do you think? More tests? Would any of you like to test the pattern in either or both versions?

Finally I must tell you that my family rocks!! I have received the coveted Jordana Paige bag from my wishlist!! That was a gift from the wonderful Mr. Wigworthy. I also got some beautiful flowers from the boys. Photos in another post (perhaps tomorrow on Monday).