Saturday, 14 November 2009


And I have to post first! Hmm, what to say? I read Winnie's letter a couple of days ago, and think she may have been to Egypt. Well, there were pyramids. I think the Phoenicians had pyramids too, so I guess she could have been there either. Egypt seems more plausible though! No idea about libraries that are themselves like books - Timbuctoo (lol!)?

I've been busy making something for my spoilee (Olive Bumblebirch). Black and white as she is a Magpie. Perhaps I should put something sparkly in as well, as I know magpies are very atttracted to shiny? I'm sure Olive doesn't have any kleptomaniac tendencies though! I sure hope she'll like the stuff I have made - it's taken ages, and I keep thinking I might have it all wrong about her taste!

It was my eldest little wizard's birthday yesterday. The very imporatant 17th - a full-grown wizard at last! We took him out to nando's (his choice) for some chicken treats. He enjoyed showing us photos on his phone (muggle contraption) of a chority day they had at his college. All the students went in fancy dress, they had every creature and character you can imagine there, and some inanimate ones too (a couple of Rubix cubes!). I'm glad he has settled in there, and seems to be having fun. Of course, the NEWTs are hard work though...

Is that long enough?.. I'm off to bed! :0)