Saturday, 12 December 2009

Getting Christmassy!

We are getting ready for Christmas in the Wigworthy household, putting decorations and cards up (every day brings more) and making and buying presents for the family. As I write a few pounds of redcurrants are merrily boiling in the cauldron to extract the juice for this year's batch of jelly. This forms most of our Christmas giving. Of course, I knit a few gifts too; this year my Falling Flowers Scarf will be a gift for my niece Poppy.

And Winnie is preparing for Christmas too - it seems she has been to visit the man himself, Father Christmas, in his home at the North Pole. I'll not tell my little wizards - they would be so jealous!

And this week I finally finished and sent my package to dear Olive Bumblebirch. She is a whole ocean away, so this will be an epic flight for poor Verso. I know he is up to it though, and hope he gets to meet some lovely American owls on his trip.