Monday, 14 December 2009

Stolen Quidditch World Cup Trophy?

Winnie has sent a mystery object to Wisty and Siobhan with a cryptic clue on the box. In true Ravenclaw style I have applied myself diligently to deciphering it. I tell you, I should be working as a code-breaker for Gringotts!

In Winnie's missives from her travels around the world on a 'secret mission' there have been odd letters enchanted to stand out a little from the rest. I think she achieved this with some special ink from Scribbulus at Diagon Alley. These numbers are an exact numerical match to the sum of the letters in the '5 words' that Winnie referenes in her clue on the aforesaid box. Rearranged into words of the designated lengths ('6, 9, 5, 3, 6') the letters almost spell out the words which appear in the title of this post - 'Stolen Quidditch World Cup Trophy'. (I say 'almost' because one C has to change to a U to do this - perhaps the ink has tipped a U on it's side?) My conclusion is that Winnie has been on an amazing worldwide adventure to recover this wonderful magical artefact, and that this is what is in the box she sent to Wisty and Siobhan. Perhaps Winnie plans to award it to the winning team in The Swap? I do hope that is the Arrows!!