Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Extracts from my spell book!

A few jottings from my Hogwarts days. Must try some of them to see if they work!

1. Do my homework for me = Lazy witch helpus
2. Tidy up my bedroom = Lazy witch helpus morus
3. Make a delicious chocolate cake = Greedy witch feedus
4. Make my professor stay in bed today = Guilty witch shield charm
5. I would like breakfast in bed, please = Room service charm
6. Stick all my Quidditch opponents' feet to the floor = Cheating hex
7. Give everyone the giggles = ‘Snortus laughtercus’
8. Dye some yarn in my favorite color = ‘Aciae tinctus callaina’
9. Unravel the mess I've made with my yarn = Frogging charm
10. Knit my Prefect the perfect bag = ‘Saccus absolutissimus adstricus’