Thursday, 6 March 2008


Others have been posting extracts from their spell books too, and I must say, there are lots of very funny ones. However, I am a little concerned that the Hogwarts professors are not doing a very good job of teaching latin formulations for magical work. Now, when I was a young witch at Hogwarts they had us reciting latin verbs right left and centre - I still sometimes chant a few, rather like humming a favourite tune... sweet nostalgia.
It's also very exciting seeing reports about the various sock kits that folk are receiving. One girl got a very cute little crocheted owl that she's named 'Bumble' due to it's yellow and black colouring. And dear Emma has now received all her kit too, although the second owl has only just made it. Tragically the rhubarb and ginger jam and the pumpkin pickle arrived in broken jars. I'm now contemplating sending replacements with very shockproof packaging!