Monday, 10 March 2008

Yarn and Bag

My poor spoilee has been a little sick this weekend, and I think that must be why she hasn't yet released pictures of the yarn and bag I sent her. I'm so proud of them I've decided to enchant some pictures of them to appear here, hoping she doesn't mind! Why am I so proud? Well, I've rarely dyed yarn myself before, and never in variegated colours. I've never spun with angel moulitngs before (properly called 'angelina'). And I've never knitted a bag before. So I'm rather excited by my results in all three areas. Given the history of how I discovered the process (documented here a few weeks ago), I made yarn labels with the 'company' name of 'Rumpelstiltskin'. Since doing this I have set up shop under that same name at the magical mall 'Etsy' where I intend to offer more of my own dyed yarns, and perhaps even some handspun, for sale. Meantime I've got a sock pattern and some spinning wheel oil for sale there.

Emma's yarn is silk, both the commercial undyed yarn I used for the green, and the fibre I used to make silver yarn (apart from the silver angelina, which while not silk is very soft and, of course, even shinier). I named the green yarn 'Salazar' after the founder of her house. The handspun silk and angelina I named 'Darke Sylver', as it was dark in colour, and followed the technique (albeit in a non-evil manner) of the nefarious dark operator, Rumpelstiltskin. I hope you can see the sparkly bits of angelina - difficult to capture in a picture. As usual, if you let your mouse nibble the picture, you'll see a Hagrid-sized version.

The bag was knitted from a pattern I found in that amazing forum for magical knitters 'Ravelry'. I really like the button I found for the side pocket which, I hope you can see, is a witches hat. There are three more pockets inside that I sewed into the lining (I love the stars - they remind me of astronomy lessons in my Hogwarts days - fortunately I have lots of the fabric left to use for future projects). This was my first go at i-cord too - attached to the pocket flap, the top of the bag, and used for the drawstring.


Anonymous said...

I must say, that is very beautiful yarn and a very clever bag. I do believe you have put together the top kit thus far! Well done on your Enchanted Kit Making!!!

Olive Bladvak said...

That yarn is just beautiful!