Thursday, 21 February 2008

The final countdown!

It's very nearly, almost, so close, just about, ready to send!! Everything is packed apart from one more thing I have to brew up in the cauldron tonight. I am so excited about sending this kit. I hope Emma is as overwhelmed by this as I think I would be should I get something similar.

Quidditch notes: I never was good at sport in my schooldays. In fact, its an honour to be chosen for a team, as I wasn't in my youth! Some of our Ravenclaw housemates have been discussing how we are more typified by 'brains than brawn', i.e. we're not very athletic. Good point. So we'll allow the Gryffs to enjoy their moment of glory on the quidditch field, while we plan our revenge in the classroom!


Hanna said...

I have been having tons of fun figuring out what to send to you - and just as a little teaser. Today I bought nine balls of yarn so I could make you your sock bag.

Lily Finnegan