Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Already Wednesday and I haven't told you yet about my visit to Hogsmeade at the weekend. I went to surprise my eldest little wizard who I knew would be there because Professor Wartbobble gave special permission for students to visit the village this weekend. Wasn't quite sure he would want to spend the whole day with me (I live in hope that one of these days he'll find himself wanting to spend more time with a very special - and lucky - young witch than with his family), so I planned lots of shopping into my day (Mr. Wigworthy is rather thankful that Hogsmeade visits are not too frequent!).
It was a very lovely day - bright sunshine bouncing off sparkly snow, and the atmosphere in the village was joyous to match it. I found Master Wigworthy in The Three Broomsticks enjoying some butterbeer with a few friends. They were all laughing about the Valentine's decorations at Madam Puddifoot's tea-room - though I did sense that one or two of them were nursing a little jealousy towards those friends who had girlfriends to take there. I popped in myself for a cuppa towards the end of the afternoon, and found it rather charming personally.
Mr. Wigworthy senior needn't have worried about my spending - I really was rather frugal. Just a few bits and pieces from Gladrags Wizardwear (my favourite shop - very elegant under-robes), and a new Pheasant-feather quill from Scrivenshafts (love the iridescent colours). Going to write a letter to Great Aunty Winnie with it now.