Sunday, 24 February 2008

Timed out

My time turner is such a useful object - I don't know what I would have done without it this week. Mind - I'm absolutely shattered now!! I think I need two extra nights sleep to make up for all the extra hours of being busy I've created thanks to the aforesaid magical assistant.

So - what have I been busy with? The sock kit of course! I gave it some final finishing touches yesterday before packing it all into a box ready to send tomorrow (all being well). I am more than a little worried that it may be too much for Verso and the other two owls I've hired to carry it. Do you know how much owl hire is these days? It's scandalous!!

Alas, after I had wrapped it all I forgot to take any pictures before I put it in the box, so I'm hoping dear Emma will take a picture of it all before she opens the little packages up. I am rather proud of how I've wrapped it. I do, however, have pictures of the contents, and may post some after Emma has got it all (I don't want to spoil her surprise).

Not only have I finished Emma's package this week, I've also knitted some school socks for little wizard number two. I've just blocked them (muggles do this on wooden foot-shaped things, whereas, thankfully, I know a little spell that does it in a flash with just a flick of my wand).

Additionally (thank you time turner!) I've spent a lot of time with quill and parchment designing some special Ravenclaw socks. This was after Lavender Ackerly suggested it when we were chatting one day in the Ravenclaw common room (alumni priveleges are just fantastic under the new headmistress). She has also, very kindly, offered to 'test knit' them for me. I need to do a bit of research (Yay!! - I love research!!) about quite what this means before I make any arrangements with her about it. I think I might be able to get some information about it at that wonderful magical forum for knitting witches - 'Ravelry'. Perhaps I'll see some of my friends there when I go do my research visit?

For now though my bed is singing loudly to me (yes - really - I must get Mr. Wigworthy to see if he can do anything about it). Sleepybyes, here I come!!