Monday, 25 February 2008

Owl Woes

As I feared, the parcel did indeed prove too heavy for the three owls. It must be due to some kind of interaction between the forces of mass and balance, because when I split the parcel into two different packages Verso and one of the hired owls managed one each with no problem, so I returned the other owl, making a significant saving on the hire. It still hurt the vault though - it seems a little echoey in there compared to before I started this swap thing. Not to worry - my motto is 'Galleons are only any use when I'm spending them!'
Anyway - Emma's sock kit is now winging its way to her (literally!) and I can't wait to see how she likes it. It may take some time for the owls to make the journey - they're carrying heavy weights, and Hogwarts is such a long way. Luckily I can just apparate to Hogsmeade and then fly up from there on my broomstick when I want to visit (old Cleansweep - no good for Quidditch, but plenty good enough for a little old housewitch).


Jenean said...

TWO owls?? I can't wait to see this package :)

Elanor Cadogan said...

Emma, how is your part of the Island doing? I heard about the earthquake, but they have not said where it happened.