Thursday, 3 January 2008

Comfort and joy!

It has been a cold day here in Ottery, and we expect snow tomorrow, so I've been very busy knitting a hat for Mr. Wigworthy, who despite his name does have hair, but not enough of it to feel comfortable in sub-zero conditions. Of course, I do my best to make things that will keep him anonymous as he mostly works incognito among muggles (he is a vortex engineer, ensuring magical buildings don't affect the apparent normality of their situation in the muggle world). So his favourite mix of lime green, orange and pink are definitely reserved for leisure time in the magical world!
Otherwise my time has been rather taken up with preparations for a marvellous wheeze I came across in the Daily Prophet. It's called a 'sock kit swap', and is lots of fun for witches and wizards who love to knit. I am, however, a little sad as I can't help thinking of how much the best sock-knitter of all our magical world, the liberated house-elf Dobby, would have loved to take part in such a frolic.


Miss Mandy Finch-Fletchley said...

Oh!!! How very sad.

We'll have to make a kit in tribute of Dobby. He definitely would have had the time of his little life putting together the best kit possible.

Neila said...

As prefect of Ravenclaw, I wanted to welcome you and say glad you're here. Be prepared for hard work (and lots of fun) in helping Ravenclaw win the House Cup this year.

Lavender said...

Glad to help :-)

Mr Wigworthy and I have similar tastes in colors. Good thing there are no muggles at Hogwarts so we can wear whatever color hats we like.