Monday, 28 January 2008

The Snitch Half-Sock!

Well my dears, I've been so busy making things for the sock kit that this magical portal has been woefully neglected these last few days. Of course I cannot tell you precisely what I've been doing because I don't want to spoil the coming surprise for my partner (who is a delightful girl despite being a Slytherin). I can, nevertheless share a little about how things are going with the Dobby Seeker Socks.

You may have noticed that things were not going well with the socks, and indeed I cast on many times with different numbers of stitches on varying sizes of needle. At one point I was tempted to blast the accursed thing into oblivion. I resisted, however, and patiently 'frogged' it instead (sometimes muggle knitting terms really tickle my magical sensibilities fuschia!). I do now believe that I have found the right combination of stitch count and needle size. The snitch sock is knitted almost as far as the heel (I hope to get there tonight), and it does fit on my foot and ankle. As I think mine is a fairly average sized foot (albeit a little short on length), I think this means the sock will fit all but those with very substantial ankles.

I've taken this picture so that you can see the progress I've made. Alas - I cannot get my wand to make the snitches fly around, so it is a very static pattern. I do hope that whoever wins the socks will like them. It feels good knitting them for the sake of dear Dobby's memory.


Olive Bladvak said...

I'm glad you didn't give up! It looks great so far!

Serafina Starfire said...

Those really are lovely, Emma! I really like that particular snitch pattern--it's much nicer than others I've seen.