Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Magic loop

Just the other day one of the new Hogwarts students (Olive Bladvak) mentioned a very interesting knitting technique muggles call 'magic loop'. The name rather made me wonder if it wasn't invented by a witch (or even a wizard - I do know some that knit!). Anyway - I haven't come across this before so I did a little research (always a joy to Ravenclaws to discover and learn new things), and found that it is indeed a magical method of knitting small round articles (such as socks) on one long circular needle. 'Ooh, I must tell everybody about this' thought I. Of course, difficult spells are much better learned through demonstration than explanation, so I've enchanted this little tutorial (by 'The Knit Witch') to make it available here. As usual, just let your pet mouse nibble the magical words and it will appear:


Olive Bladvak said...

What a wonderful tutorial! Once my owl from KnitPickery arrives with my long circular, needle... I'll have to refer to it again!

Miss Mandy Finch-Fletchley said...

You are ever so helpful, Emma! Thank you. I haven't tacked that skill yet.