Friday, 18 January 2008


Madam Pince is such a lovely, obliging, and helpful witch. She sent Verso (our sweet owl) back straight away with a message inviting me to come to the library whenever I want, and offered to help me personally with searching the massive Hogwarts book stock for information on how little old Rumpelstitskin spun straw into gold. So off I went, apparated in Hogsmeade last night with me old broom and flew on to the castle from there. Madam Pince met me at the main entrance, as arranged, and took me straight to the restricted section where she'd already found a few tomes containing references to the aforesaid goblin. How kind is that?

Well, I might tell you I was not particularly surprised to find that the little chap employed dark arts to make the gold yarn. In fact he summoned dark angels to assist him. Apparently angels shed metallic fibre from their wings that can be added to any other fibre to spin precious metal yarns. Of course, I'm not about to start summoning dark angels to be able to make me some silver yarn. I have, however, left a little note under my pillow politely asking any kind angel, guardian type or such, that comes by if they might be willing to moult a few fibres in my home for me to use in ever such a special and truly very "good" project. You never know...

Whilst at Hogwarts I took the opportunity to check in on my eldest "little" wizard (who in fact has towered over me for quite some time now). He was quietly studying in the corner of Ravenclaw common room, obviously trying not to appear to notice some rather pretty girls who were giggling in another corner. I heard lots of excited chatter about the new potions professor, who they seem to think rather dishy. Alas, I couldn't stay long enough to go and see for myself, and really, I think I might have felt a slight twinge of guilt next time I saw Mr. Wigworthy if I had indulged such a girlish whim!