Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Not Too Magical Me!

As a Mum with three young wizards you may imagine how many housework spells I have to cast each day! Knitting saves my sanity (though Mr. Wigworthy might say it is just evidence of my madness!), and though I know I could get the needles to do it on their own, I admit I like to sit and do it like the muggles do. We're very friendly with our magical neighbours, the Weasley's, and me and Molly have shared many an hour chatting as we sit and knit together. Sadly, I haven't yet managed to persuade her to have a go at socks, which are my very favourite thing to knit. The boys rarely wear any from Madam Malkin's, much preferring my own handknits. Which just shows that despite the prejudices of those who secretly admire you-know-who, in some things muggle ways can be best.
Anyway, I must go and conjure a meal for the hungry males of our cottage.