Friday, 4 January 2008

Dobby Seeker Socks

Well, I've never spent so much time playing with quill and parchment as I have these last two days since a dear friend, Miss Mandy Finch-Fetchley, thoughtfully suggested (she's a Hufflepuff - need I say more?) that we could make some kind of tribute to the memory of that very special house-elf, Dobby. What a lovely idea, I thought, and why not make it a sock-themed tribute as he was so fond of knitting socks (because it was the gift of a sock that liberated him I guess)? Anyway, it is common witch-lore that Dobby gifted our greatest hero, Harry Potter, some socks with a broomsticks and snitches pattern knitted into them (Harry demonstrated great talent as a seeker whilst at Hogwarts) . I've seen something like this in that marvellous book for knitting witches and wizards, 'Charmed Knits', and thought I would have a go at designing some myself. Oh the fun!! Here is my repeating broomsticks design:

And here is the snitch design:

If you let your pet mouse nibble the pictures you'll get a Hagrid-sized version.

The broomsticks are an 11-stitch wide repeating pattern, and the snitches are a 22-stitch repeating pattern, so socks would have to be done on 66 stitches in fingering yarn on appropriate needles to make that fit your own measurements (I'd use 2.5mm needles for me). I've named the pattern 'Dobby Seeker Socks', and am thinking of offering a pair to Professor Wartbobble to be a prize in the sock swap she's running, in tribute to the dear memory of Dobby.


Lavender said...

Thank you Emma, this chart is great!

Fleur Crockford said...

Wow, what a great chart! An amazing tribute to Dobby.

Can I ask what program you used to chart?

Minerva Kwikspell said...

What wonderful work Emma. You truly are a very talented witch! Thank you for sharing this with us all!

Emma Gorodok said...

great charts, I really love your snitch design. Thanks for sharing this with us